Opening doors for bespoke furniture design

Wooden door

Creating high end bespoke furniture is second nature to the talented team at NJF Joinery. From bespoke doors, counter tops, reception desks, window plinths and table tops to a champagne wall, oak planter or individual bespoke items, the team thrives on a challenge, and the end result is nothing short of perfection. Team manager Steve attributes this to the fact that he was trained that way. He explains: “Twenty years ago we were trained to cut with a saw, plain by hand and if it was a mm out it would go in the bin. At the time it seemed harsh but looking back it was the way to learn.”

From their workshop in Oxfordshire, NJF Joinery provide bespoke specialist pieces including countertops for fashion brands, oak bakery tables for high street stores, bespoke bar-tops for restaurants, cafes and wine bars as well as individual customer pieces. Another large proportion of their work is custom made doors, albeit shop front doors, fire doors, curved doors, solid oak entrance doors and even power station doors.

Steve added; “We work with a range of woods from Oak, Red Grandis, Red Meranti, through to materials such as glass, Corian, laminated MDF and melamine board. We’ll work with any material, for example we made pod stands for an exhibition – these were made of brushed aluminium with acrylic tops and looked great as a set. For me, my preferred craftsmanship has to be working with quality woods such as Oak, Nut Ash, Walnut and Character Oak. You can create some stunning pieces, quality joints and they’re made to last.”

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