Skilled Corian fabricators in Oxfordshire !

Corian Fabricator

As an Authorised Corian Fabricator NJF Joinery are highly skilled at creating seamless stone-hard surface products. With an array of colours and unique blend of minerals and acrylic, the design possibilities with Corian are endless as well as aesthetically pleasing, but it takes skill and patience to achieve the desired results.

NJF Joinery’s third year apprentice, Ryan (above), completed his Corian training earlier this year and is now working alongside their in-house Corian expert to develop his skills further. Having almost completed his apprenticeship Ryan is passionate about his craftsmanship and proud of the progress he has made at NJF Joinery, especially his Corian skills. He said; “I can now comfortably make doors, window frames, tables and even stairs, but working with Corian is very different. When you put the joints together you shouldn’t see the join to create a seamless finish. White is definitely the hardest colour to work with. It takes a lot of skill and patience, but the end result is really satisfying.”

Ryan is currently working on a curved Corian counter-top; a challenging project that he’s confident he can conquer. He added: “When working with Corian, the desired finish is gradually achieved by sanding with incremental grades of sandpaper. To give you an idea, 120 grade would be good for most woods. With Corian you’d be looking at working towards 500+ grade, with the ability to create a glass-like finish with a 4000 grade sandpaper.”

Depending on the size and design, NJF Joinery either deliver finished pieces or where necessary, will build, join and sand the project on-site. Bespoke Corian pieces have been produced by NJF Joinery for brands such as LK Bennett, True Religion and Juicy Couture.

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