Why has Tai Woffinden left the captaincy ?

NJF commercial are stunned and disappointed as sponsor of Tai Woffinden double world speedway champion, that he has decided to step down as captain of the Team GB side, and will not be competing in next year’s Speedway world cup.  We are also surprised there hasn’t been a bigger outcry on social media, by the public, to support Tai in his efforts to improve the current team, and to make a difference for the next generation of British speedway riders.
As we all bask in the glory of Team GB – British Cycling at Rio 2016 we wonder 1) why this type of success has not been transferred to GB speedway and 2) what is the 5 year plan for GB speedway ?


Tai a 26-year-old Scunthorpe-born rider was part of the British side that finished runners-up to Poland last month in the World Championships, but revealed that “ issues behind the scenes ” had contributed to his decision to step down as captain.

Woffinden, who grew up in Australia, has not ruled out a return to the team and insisted he will not be switching nationality in the future either.

His statement as per Sky Sports and the Express & Star newspaper read: “I’ve made a decision to sit out the 2017 Monster Energy SWC but I remain proud to represent Great Britain in the Grand Prix.
“We’ll see where we are at in 2018. Who knows? I may be back for that. I’ve enjoyed representing Great Britain and meeting up with all the fans at Belle Vue was great for me
“And I can never forget the reception the fans gave me at Cardiff. That was a special moment and I really appreciate all the support from my British fans.

“I wish Great Britain all the best for next year’s competition, but it’s time for me to take some time out.”

And the statement from from the chairmen of the BSPA

” I hear what Tai Woffinden is saying; we can play a role in helping Great Britain get to the top again and I’ll do everything within my power to put us in the best possible position of doing so ”

So what does ” behind the scenes ” and ” I hear what Tai is saying” really mean ? 

Talking to Tai directly, he has challenged the BSPA to look at a number of areas surrounding the Team GB set up everything from dietary plans of riders thru to the reshaping of the organisational structure to ensure the future success of the team, but as yet has not received a comprehensive response back from the BPSA.

  • Are we doing enough to support Team GB speedway in the UK and what is the 5 year plan for the BPSA?
  • Is there currently enough structure in Team GB to deliver success on and off the track?
  • Can we make the sport more attractive to the public and sponsors ?

The sport is covered by BTsport and the ‘Young Lions’ are getting more popular, but is it time for a revamp at the top of the sport to help the likes of Tai and the next generation of UK world champions?

NJF Commercial will be continuing to support and sponsor Tai, lets hope the public and the powers that be follow suit!

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